September 16, 2021 11:26 am

Why Giving Value Is The Key To Your Online And Even Offline Business Success

If you are an internet marketer or business owner, you probably heard many gurus telling you that you need to have a right mindset before doing anything. As in believing that you can and not be distracted by negative stuff. While that is true, I like to point out something else that is even more critical and profound which is giving value to people and why it is the key to your online and even offline success critically and fundamentally.

Here is the truth you may not like to read and hear. But it is what you must know in order to achieve continuous and long-term success. And that is people do not just buy from one another. They buy from those they trusted based on what they need and what they want.

To give you a better understanding of what I mean, let me ask you a question.

When you are at the lowest point of your life – whether you are angry, depressed, disappointed and upset, who is the one person that helped you get up to your feet and carry on with life?

Most importantly, why do you trust that person?

Now that my next question is going to be even more tougher.

That is can you help others exactly the same way that person helped you? Without expecting instant rewards of any kind?

You may be asking me in return as to why I am bringing up those questions and why does it go to do with your online and offline business success?

My answer is just one word.


The point I am trying to make from all those I mentioned above is that sales and marketing is not just about selling things to people. It is about connecting to people and understanding what they need or want before recommending your products and services as solutions to their problems or fulfilment of their desires.

I see so many business people and so-called professionals are lured by the thought of earning maximum commissions out of prospects without realizing that in order to do so, they will have to deliver maximum value to them first.

I am not just talking about online or internet but offline marketers as well. Insurance agents, investment brokers, property consultants and telemarketing executives. If you have been receiving flyers or calls or even approached by them repeatedly despite you rejecting them politely, you know what I mean.

I come from Southeast Asian country Singapore. I do not know about you or whether you have family and friends living there. But my government placed a very strong emphasis on values as in being compassionate and helping others first rather than getting from them and expecting our people to do the same. Given that my country is small, it is very easy to control the mass population with the rules and regulations on this.

If anyone violates those – not just committing crimes but not acting in the interest of the people concerned in their marketing activities like being honest and delivering what they promised, they will be severely dealt with.

That also ties in with the saying by Zig Ziglar.

Which is –

You Can Have Everything You Want In Life If You Give Enough People What They Want.

While most people know the first half, only a few realize the second and actually put it into action.

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