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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill: A Love Connection On and Off the Stage

Tim grew up riding horses and playing baseball in rural Louisiana. When he was eleven, he accidentally discovered his mother’s deepest secret–that he is the biological son of pro baseball player Tug McGraw. Tim is currently considered the king of country music. He holds twenty number one hits, has sold thirty million albums and was awarded two Grammy’s. Faith has also sold 30 million records and won four Grammy’s.

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Faith Hill was born in Star, Mississippi on September 21, 1967. Faith Hill’s real name is Audrey Faith Perry and she was adopted. Her last name came when she married Daniel Hill. They divorced in 1991. She grew up singing in her church and at family events. When Faith was nineteen she headed to Nashville to see if she could make a career in country music. Faith Hill was “discovered” working a job at a music publishing company. Her first demo record was cut and the song was called “It Scares Me”.

Faith made her first album with Warner Bros. in 1993. It was titled Take Me As I Am. With the single, “Wild One”, Faith became the first female country music singer to stay on the Billboard as number one for four weeks in a row. In 1995, Faith Hill released her second CD called “It Matters to Me”.

She was recently quoted as saying, “Each day I try to get as much out of life as I can – to keep it real, sincere and very honest. Hopefully, people can get that from my music. And if I’m lucky, one day there will be a little spot carved away somewhere that says I made a contribution.”

On The Couple

In 1996, McGraw teamed up with Warner Brothers and artist Faith Hill for the Spontaneous Combustion tour. It seems that spontaneous combustion is an appropriate description for this couple’s beginnings. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were married in October 1996. As a couple, they’ve soared to the top of the country charts with romantic duets such as “Let’s Make Love” and “It’s Your Love.” Their ballads are inspired by their real-life love story.

People magazine named Faith Hill as one of the 50 “Most Beautiful People”. McGraw’s “Everywhere” earned the CMA album of the year honors in 1998. “It’s Your Love”, was the first musical partnership between Tim and Faith. “It’s Your Love” held the No. 1 spot Billboard’s country singles chart for six weeks. “It’s” received a CMA vocal event trophy song and single of the year at the ACM Awards that year. More duets followed with Let’s Make Love earning a Grammy.

In 1997, Faith gave birth to their first daughter Gracie. They were gifted with two more daughters in 2001 and 2003. In a very surreal sense, it seems these two were destined for each other. Tim’s biological parentage and Faith’s adoption had to give them a sense of having something profoundly painful, in common. Neither grew up with both of their parents. It makes sense that not only do they share a bond of having suffered somewhat the same experience but that they value their love and their family above all else. Their Soul2Soul II Tour proves to be a representation on their love connection from off stage to on stage.

Soul2Soul II Tour (SS2)

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Soul2Soul Tour 2000 marked one of the industry’s most successful concert tours in history. All venues sold-out and the tour created record box office sales. SS 2000 ended about six years ago. Many have long awaited and anticipated these months now into 2006. Tim and Faith fans knew they would be back.

Soul2Soul II Tour is expected to exceed 80 concert performances and will most definitely include the music that McGraw and Hill have made their trademark over the years. SS2 will be as grand as SS1. Reports coming in say that many of the venues showcasing SS2 have sold out the tickets in ten minutes. It is expected that the set will be outstanding as usual. The couple is known for the use of the round center stage design that allows for all seats in the house to be the best seats in the house. Soul2Soul II Tour will include many of Tim and Faith’s biggest hits and duets. Many fans have reported that their love for each other is obvious on-stage. They send out a powerful vibe that not only entertains but makes many wish they could experience a connection like that of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

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